Weekly Vocab Builder

Part of writing well is having a rich vocabulary…and knowing how to use it. Check out these words from my Twitter Vocab Builder feature.

NIMBY: http://bit.ly/nv5NP
Cap and trade: http://bit.ly/1VBZT
Carrefour: http://bit.ly/15hycT
Gadabout: http://bit.ly/HTUrx
Abecedarian: http://bit.ly/DtWHO

Increase your vocabulary even more. Get the Word of the Day from Dictionary.com; it’s available via RSS feed, e-mail, Facebook, and lots more!

I’ve lots more words at Wordie than I can share here. Check them out! Plus you can follow me on Twitter (@ebrenner) to get the vocab word of the day.

Update: Wordie is now part of Wordnik, but my growing lists of words are still available to all. You can also check out another growing list of terms of mine at City Dictionary.

About Erin Brenner

With a BA and an MA in English, Erin has been an editing professional for 15 years, working on a variety of media, especially online. Her niche is business/marketing and online. In addition, she has experience teaching editing to non-editors and coaching writers. In 2008, Erin was bitten by the social media bug...hard. Follow her on Twitter, @ebrenner, and get a daily vocabulary word, a link to the article of the day, and much more. You can also find her on Facebook and LinkedIn.
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