Grammar Quiz: Grammar Basics

It’s Friday, and my third grader is taking a battery of quizzes to show he learned something this week. Maybe that’s not a bad idea for us adults. Herewith, three quizzes on basic grammar knowledge. All exercises are from Easy English Exercises by Ada Riddlesbarger and Nell Stillwagon (World Book Co., 1956). Good luck!

Subject/Verb Agreement. Choose the correct verb.
1. Either you or Vern (wins, win) this silver pin.
2. The herd of cattle (was, were) sold for a large sum.
3. Hundreds of daffodils (is, are) blooming on that hill.
4. Not one of the cows (is, are) purple.
5. Relief for the sufferers (was, were) in sight.

Related Verbs. Choose the correct verb.
1. Who (learned, taught) you how to swim?
2. After I had (learned, taught) these things, he (learned, taught) me some more advanced strokes.
3. (Let, Leave) us not make our decisions hastily.
4. After I have told you what I know about Tom, I will (let, leave) the decision to your good judgment.
5. (Can, May) I see your tickets? Yes, you (can, may).
6. (Can, May) you speak French? No, I (can not, may not).
7. Did you (accept, except) the nomination?
8. Marion invited all the girls in our class. She (accepted, excepted) nobody.
9. Does George think he will be (accepted, excepted) from the general rules?
10. The muskrat (accepted, excepted) the morsel daintily.

Adjective or Adverb. Choose the correct word.
1. Our tenant pays his bills (slow, slowly).
2. She stepped along (quick, quickly) and (spry, spryly).
3. Ellen felt (bad, badly) about breaking the vase.
4. The country looks (beautiful, beautifully) today.
5. We think (different, differently) about that.

I’ll post the answers on Monday.

Update: View the answers here.

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