Weekly Vocab Builder

OK, weekly is a bit of misnomer here. I fell a little behind due to a severe head cold, so herewith is your “Weekly Vocab Builder…and a Bit More.”
  • Scalawag: a troublemaker, racscal.
  • Hypallage: “reversal of the syntactic relation of two words (as in ‘her beauty’s face’)”
  • Visceral: instinctive
  • Schoolmarm: a female teacher. Once it meant any female teacher, now it refers to one who is old-fashioned or particularly strict.
  • Whipsaw: to win two ways at once (more at the link).
  • Graphophobia: fear of writing.
  • Abrogate: to abolish.
  • Polity: the form of governance of a society.

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