Vocab Builder: Washington, DC

Last week, I traveled with my family to Washington, DC, to soak up some history and visit with some family. Turns out, our nation’s capital is also home to some of its own terms.

  • Capitol Hill: the location where the Capitol building sits
  • Beltway: interstate 495, around Washington, DC
  • Slugging: hitchhiking in DC so that the driver can use the highway’s faster HOV lane

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  • Algonquian: the Indian tribe that first settled the DC area
  • WAPO: abbreviation for The Washington Post
  • Sakura: the Japanese cherry tree found in the DC area
  • Retrocession: the act of giving back; parts of the DC area were given back to other areas
  • Metro etiquette: standing to the right in DC’s busy subway to let commuters through

Are you familiar with other DC terms? Add them in the comments section!

Last week, A Way With Words mentioned my blog post on new types of literature. Thanks to Grant and Martha for finding interest in my blog and mentioning it. If you haven’t discovered their wonderful podcast about words, check it out!

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