Weekly Vocab Builder: Neologisms

I visit lots of sites to find words to fill this space with. Two of the best sources for new words are Schott’s Vocab, a column by Ben Schott, and Word Spy, a new-word site run by Paul McFredies. This week’s list comes entirely from Ben and Paul.

  • Downager: someone who acts younger than his/her age
  • Patent cliff: the upcoming expiration of many lucrative pharmaceutical patents
  • Solastalgia: distress over a significant change in one’s local environment
  • Click laundering: a type of click fraud in which false revenue-generating clicks are made to appear legitimate
  • Churnalism: churn + journalism; journalism that uses press releases and wire stories as a story’s basis and doesn’t use any original research for it

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  • Cybergeddon: “the potentially catastrophic effect of a major Internet attack”
  • Collaborative consumption: “an economic model in which consumers use online tools to collaborate on owning, renting, sharing, and trading goods and services”
  • Survival condos: “up-market subterranean survival shelters”
  • Lucrepath: lucre + psychopath; “a person who is pathologically driven to make money”
  • Strategic defaults: “tactical mortgage defaults whereby borrowers walk away from home loans they can afford to repay”

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