Vocab Builder: GRE Words

This week’s list ups the ante from our 11th grade vocabulary list a couple weeks ago. Check out the GRE list on Visual Thesaurus for 490 more!

  • Abscond: The thief absconded from the museum as sirens wailed down the street.
  • Cognizant: With the booing of the crowd, the comedian became cognizant of the fact that his act was bombing.
  • Earthenware: More prone to chips and breakage, earthenware is fired at lower temperatures than porcelain.
  • Fracas: With the LA Lakers’ loss to the Celtics, the overfilled bar exploded into a fracas of bitterly disappointed fans.
  • Gregarious: The “Any Day Is a Good Day for a Party” social club is surprisingly void of the gregarious members necessary to make a social club sociable.

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  • blithe: Once a faithful church-goer, Tom is now blithe about his faith.
  • didactic: Tom’s pastor is a didactic speaker; he preaches endlessly about the evil in men’s souls, which leaves Tom feeling as if there is no point in trying.
  • erudite: Pastor Steve is quite erudite, having spent many years studying the bible and his faith.
  • feckless: Now Tom lives a feckless life, little caring about people around him.
  • glean: It became apparent that Big Company was gleaning its competitors’ sales pitches by ordering their products.

What do you think? Do you learn terms better with the definition or with an example sentence? Let me know!

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