Vocab Builder: Coffee!

I recently got an education in coffee, and a new world of words was opened up to me (though I still don’t drink the stuff). Improve your own coffee IQ:

  • Burr grinder: A grinder that uses abrasive surfaces to grind hard foods, such as coffee beans
  • Tamp: to pack down tightly
  • Cappuccino: an espresso with steamed milk
  • Latte: an espresso with frothed, steamed milk
  • Demi-tasse: a small cup for espresso

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  • Italian roast: a style of dark-roasting coffee beans that produces a coffee that is sweeter and less acidic than espresso and other dark roasts
  • French roast: the darkest style of roasting coffee beans, producing a coffee that is extremely bold and smoky-tasting
  • Americano: espresso and hot water
  • Macchiato: espresso with a tiny amount of milk
  • Portafilter: a basket with a handle that holds a tampered puck of coffee grounds, used on semi-automatic espresso machines

Now have a little fun with your terminology with this word puzzle. It took me 20:01. Surely one of you can do better. But remember: no cheating!

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