Vocab Builder: Tech Terms

Technology is undeniably part of our lives. Brush up on some of the jargon so you don’t sound like a Luddite.

Dopplerblogger: a blogger who steals another blogger’s content and publishes it as his own
Scareware: software that is designed to scare you into using your credit card to purchase something, allowing you to think something is wrong with your computer
Netizen: an Internet citizen
Backronym: a back formation of an acronym; that is, the acronym is decided on first, then the words are chosen to fit the acronym
Keystroke: hitting one key on a keyboard

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USB: stands for universal serial bus, a common port in computers and other electronics
Username: a unique name used to sign in to a Web site, computer system, or similar
Brain dump: to tell someone or write down everything you know about a topic, all at once
Multitasking: to do more than one thing at a time
Hot spot: a place that has a Wi-Fi Internet connection

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