Vocab Builder: Words My Clients Teach Me

One thing I love about editing is that I learn so much from my clients and their projects. This week, you can build your vocabulary with words my clients have taught me.

  • Syllogism: deductive reasoning that comprises a major premise, a minor premise, and a conclusion
  • Recto: a right-hand page of a book
  • Presenteeism: being present at work without really accomplishing the work, as when the worker is sick.
  • Parenteral: taken into the body in a way other than by mouth
  • Bioinformatics: using computer science, math, and information theory to model and analyze biological systems

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  • Mutualism: when two organisms of different species work together for mutual benefit
  • Plenary: unlimited, full
  • Prolix: wordy
  • Exogenous: diseases having a cause outside of the body
  • Orthogonal: related to or made up of right angles

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About Erin Brenner

With a BA and an MA in English, Erin has been an editing professional for 15 years, working on a variety of media, especially online. Her niche is business/marketing and online. In addition, she has experience teaching editing to non-editors and coaching writers. In 2008, Erin was bitten by the social media bug...hard. Follow her on Twitter, @ebrenner, and get a daily vocabulary word, a link to the article of the day, and much more. You can also find her on Facebook and LinkedIn.
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