Vocab Builder: Grammar Terms

I found a great site recently, Using English, a site for ESL learners. I can see how I’ll be digging into this site for you in the future, with all its references, quizzes, and articles. This week’s terms come from the Grammar Glossary.

  • Etymology: the study of words
  • Litotes: understatement
  • Mood: through the verb shows writer/speaker’s attitude to action
  • Attributive adjective: an adjective that comes before the noun but not after copula verbs

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  • Copula verb: linking verb, e.g., to be
  • Negative pronoun: pronoun that represents a negative, i.e., no one, neither, none, nobody, nothing
  • Coordinating conjunction: a pair of words that connect two items of equal importance, i.e., for, and, nor, but, or, yet
  • Homophone: two or more words that sound the same but are spelled differently and mean different things, e.g., two, to, too
  • Semantics: study of meaning in language
  • Eggcorn: an incorrect word used because it sounds similar to the correct word, e.g., eggcorn for acorn

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