Vocab Builder: More Client Terms

My editing clients continue to teach me new words that I can’t wait to share with you. Today, a few more terms to add to your growing vocabulary.

  • Barrage: a manmade object, such as a dam, that diverts a watercourse
  • Estuarine: relating to the portion of a river subject to tides
  • Autologous: something transferred from one part of an individual’s body into another portion of the individual’s body (e.g., an autologous blood donation)
  • Firth: an inlet of the sea that is long and narrow
  • Cytotoxic: producing a toxic effect on cells

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  • Differential: showing a difference
  • Neap: tides that have the lowest difference between ebb and flow, usually occurring before spring tides
  • Immunotherapy: treatment of a disease by changing an immune system response (e.g., suppressing, enhancing, or inducing)
  • Bathymetry: the science of measuring the depth of bodies of water
  • Hydrokinetic: relating to kinetic energy and fluid motions

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