Vocab Builder: Fun to Say, Part 2

I can’t help it: there are just some words I find fun to say. Herewith, more words that dance around your mouth.

Rigmorle: something complicated and confusing
Hobbledehoy: an awkward teenage boy
Gerrymander: to divide a geographic area so that the resulting voting districts give one political party an unfair advantage
Kenspeck: conspicuous
Frabjous: fabulous, joyous (from “Jabberwocky“)

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Flibbertigibbet: a scatterbrained person
Miifky-pifky: hanky-panky
Brillig: 4 p.m. (also from “Jabberwocky“)
Obnubilate: obscure; cloud over
Slubberdegullion: a filthy, disgusting person

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