Vocab Builder: Linking In, Part 1

I recently joined a couple of LinkedIn groups that focus on vocabulary. Word-A-Day offers a new word each day to members. Owner Anne L. Michaels gives you the word, its pronunciation, syllabication, and definition. Occasionally a conversation gets going around the word, but even without that you great education in words. This week’s list is entirely from Word-A-Day.

You can get the Vocab Builder every weekday by following me on Twitter.

  • Recapitulate: to reiterate in a concise manner
  • Inveigh: to vent anger; to protest strongly
  • Macerate: to soften by soaking in liquid, such as grapes in a barrel
  • Punt: an open boat that has a flat bottom and square ends, usually used in shallow waters and moved with a long pole; to move a boat with a long pole
  • Illuminati: people who claim illumination on a specific subject

About Erin Brenner

With a BA and an MA in English, Erin has been an editing professional for 15 years, working on a variety of media, especially online. Her niche is business/marketing and online. In addition, she has experience teaching editing to non-editors and coaching writers. In 2008, Erin was bitten by the social media bug...hard. Follow her on Twitter, @ebrenner, and get a daily vocabulary word, a link to the article of the day, and much more. You can also find her on Facebook and LinkedIn.
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