Vocab Builder: Become a Better Thinker

Vocabulary study introduces you to new ideas, making you not just a better writer but also a better thinker. Check out this week’s word list:

Laconic: terse
Smithereens: splintered pieces
Apocopate: to cut off a word’s last letter or syllable when spoken
Retrograde: inverted order; moving backwards
Bricolage: something made from materials at hand

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About Erin Brenner

With a BA and an MA in English, Erin has been an editing professional for 15 years, working on a variety of media, especially online. Her niche is business/marketing and online. In addition, she has experience teaching editing to non-editors and coaching writers. In 2008, Erin was bitten by the social media bug...hard. Follow her on Twitter, @ebrenner, and get a daily vocabulary word, a link to the article of the day, and much more. You can also find her on Facebook and LinkedIn.
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