Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-11-15

  • Good morning, all. The wind and rain outside make me glad to be snug inside! #
  • RT @nhwritersproj: Autumn Writing Retreat for Poets & Prose Writers 11/12-14 Dexter's Inn, Sunapee, NH #
  • Are you Guilty of arbitrary Capitalization? @VisualThesaurus breaks down the rules for you: #
  • What do you know about English? The British Library has an excellent quiz from its Evolving English exhibit. #
  • Been thinking about it myself. RT @steverubel: Anyone else considering a social media cleanse? #
  • RT @Book_Addict: Happy birthday science fiction writer and editor Ben Bova (November 8, 1932), author of the Grand Tour series. #
  • What King James wrought – (via @BostonUpdate) #
  • Time to work on the next issue of @Copyediting 's newsletter. For you, the #wotd Vocab Builder: vulgar. #
  • Good morning, all. Teabag wisdom: It's not life that matters, it's the courage that we bring to it. #
  • I'm so dragging this morning. But I do have this list of words just for you: #
  • OK, before I dive back into editing marketing ed materials, a new word for you. Vocab Builder: Martello tower. #wotd #
  • And yet the "dot-bomb" #
  • And yet the "dot-bomb" was what happened when the dot-com bubble burst earlier this century. Don't confuse the two! #
  • Yeah, done that. RT @wordspy: laptop zombie n. At a shop that offers free Wi-Fi, a person oblivious… #
  • Good morning, all. Last day of quiet for a while. Kids have tomorrow and Friday off. November is such a tough month for productivity. #
  • AddThis Chrome Extension via @AddThis #
  • So true! RT @SubvCopyEd: "True Crime in Copyediting," at the Subversive Copy Editor blog: #
  • Vocab Builder: tonsure. #wotd #
  • Good morning, all. The kids are home and I have an audio conference this morning. It's going to be tough to get my writing done. #
  • RT @wordspy: Halloweenager n. A teenager who does not dress up for Halloween but still goes from house to house for the candy. #
  • The @wordspy link to Halloweenager: #
  • A lot of compound sentences are being joined without proper punctuation. Here's a brief rundown of how to do it right. #
  • RT @ChicagoManual: Tip of the day: When a sentence is enclosed in parentheses or bracket, the period belongs inside the closing parenthesis. #
  • Ha! RT @rantyeditor: Every time you retweet one of Kanye West's semi-illiterate, poorly punctuated tweets, an editor's brain explodes. #
  • Someone once said the difference between a nerd and a geek is that geeks like being geeks and nerds don't like being nerds. #
  • Noooo! RT @EditorMark: Huh? @APStylebook declares "drive-thru" (noun and adjecctive) the preferred spelling. Is "late-nite" next? #
  • How do you join two (or more) sentences? Here's the breakdown: #
  • Good morning, all. It's Friday, and we should all be grateful for it. We should also be grateful for the Web, which turns 20 today. #
  • The Web offers some great metaphorical uses of language: What are your favs? #
  • Time for editing. For you, the Vocab Builder: corpuscle. #wotd #

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