Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-11-22

  • On a cleaning spree: chucking out old stuff off the physical desk, deleting old messages in various inboxes, and trimming back friend lists. #
  • Try to find non-followers. It's simple to use and let's you reevaluate who you follow. #
  • RT @StanCarey: New Oxford American Dictionary's 2010 Word of the Year is REFUDIATE: #
  • RT @wordspy: sofalise v. To socialise with friends and family via electronic means rather than face-to-face. #
  • RT @WritersRelief: A great list of references for creative writers; retreats, editors, pubs /presses, education opps: #
  • I'm off to edit! Vocab Builder: nudnik. #wotd #
  • True! RT @INDIEbusiness: Be careful who you hang with. Don't expect people who abandon their dreams to do anything to help you pursue yours. #
  • Gentile? Genteel? You Don't Say: (via @johnemcintyre). #
  • Added to my Amaazon wish list! RT @SciFi: Steampunk II: Steampunk Reloaded – Tachyon Publications. #
  • Good morning, all. My kids' school is exploring social media to promote itself. What have you seen work for elementary schools? #
  • I don't often say this, but: LOL! RT @Auerweck: Deficit reduction idea: Sell people framed prints of their TSA full-body-scanner images. #
  • RT @EFAFreelancers: Small presses are picking up midlist authors & benefiting from big publishers' marketing tactics: #
  • Vote to give this idea 50K: Distribute 10 million lbs of food to people in need in New Hampshire! #pepsirefresh #
  • My post on independent clauses is live on the Copyediting blog: #
  • Time to edit some marketing copy, marketing educational materials, and marketing advice. Guess you know where my head will be for today. #
  • For you, though, a new word. Vocab Builder: viand. #wotd #
  • Everyone hear that? No hyphen! RT @APA_Style: Hyphens should not be used with adverbs ending in -ly (e.g., "a widely used text") #APAStyle #
  • Good rainy Wednesday morning. Let's make the most of it. #
  • Today on my blog: James Joyce was a master writer and offers vocabulary students so many wonderful words to learn. #
  • Is your vocabulary outdated? Vocab Builder: antediluvian. #wotd #
  • Been thinking about NOAD's word of the year choice all morning: I feel a blog post or two coming on. #
  • Sad but true. RT @Wordie: This is why the rest of the world thinks we're bananas: Buy a truck, get an AK-47. #
  • How windy is it? "We've resorted to a discrete use of duct tape to keep our toupee secured." *That's* a visual image! #
  • Love those dinos! RT @mightyredpen: For all intensive purposes: @dinosaurcomics takes on the #eggcorn #
  • James Joyce was a master writer and offers writers and editors so many wonderful words to learn and use. #
  • Good morning, all. The kids are off to school for one of those lovely, how-can-we-get-things-done half days. Sigh. #
  • In a copyediting slump? How baseball stats can help you look at things differently: #
  • An Onion headline reminds copyeditors to think before writing: #
  • What I wish I could have been today. Vocab Builder: slugabed. #wotd #
  • RT @NYTimesLearning: 12 Ways to Learn Vocabulary With The New York Times #
  • Writers, should you use "refudiate"? On the blog: #
  • Good morning, all. It's a nose-to-the-grindstone kind of day. #
  • Vocab Builder: juju. #wotd #
  • Sometimes all you can do is make chicken salad. #
  • RT @ChicagoManual: To avoid a thickly clustered group of spelled-out numbers, numerals may be used in exception to the general rule. #
  • Good morning, all. It's a short week. Let's make the most of it! #

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