Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-11-29

  • Because even editors need a chuckle. RT @johnemcintyre: The joke of the week is an Ole and Lena joke. On the blog: #
  • RT @Book_Addict: Happy birthday British writer George Eliot (November 22,1819) author of "Silas Marner"(1861) and other important novels. #
  • RT @ChicagoManual: It is impossible to overemphasize the importance of meticulous accuracy in quoting from the works of others. CMOS 13.6 #
  • RT @wayword: Collective nouns for plants, font anachronisms, term for snot dripping down a face, a word puzzle, more: #
  • RT @APStylebook: New to the Stylebook: It's a cardholder, but it's a credit card holder. #apstyle #
  • I have just created a new list titled 'Editors' using TweetDeck, follow it here: @ebrenner/editors #
  • I have just created a new list titled 'Writers' using TweetDeck #
  • How do you use dictionaries online? RT @MacDictionary: A few more days left to complete our survey: Thank you! #
  • RT @cswriter: Monkeys of Grammar explain "one of those" verb-agreement problem… #
  • Good morning, all. Say what you will, but this Thanksgiving clip still makes me laugh: #
  • RT @SubvCopyEd: Do you ever accidentally frighten a writer? At the Subversive Copy Editor blog: "Misunderstood," #
  • Headed out for the holiday weekend, folks. If you do nothing else, read something fun. Happy Thanksgiving! #

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