Weekly Vocab Builder: Daily Lexeme

by Erin Brenner on December 16, 2010

One lovely source of words and word play comes from Ben Schott over at The New York Times. Part of the Schott’s Vocab blog is the “Daily Lexeme” feature, which offers words and their definitions from the Oxford English Dictionary. Collected here are a few of the words Ben has highlighted recently.

  • Alley-oop: “used to encourage or draw attention to the performance of a physical (esp. acrobatic) feat”
  • Nod-crafty: “given to nodding the head with an air of great wisdom”
  • Caitiff: “expressing commiseration: A wretched miserable person, a poor wretch, one in a piteous case”
  • Animant: “having life, living; animated”

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