Vocab Builder: Miscellaneous Entries

This week, we take a look at some words that caught my eye.

  • Chassis, noun. A motor vehicle’s skeleton, usually made of a steel frame mounted on springs.

    You can really warp the chassis of your car if you attempt the jumps you see in Dukes of Hazard reruns.

  • Gratis, adverb. Free of charge.

    When there was no money to pay McGrath’s supplier, he got on the phone and found that the supplier was willing to provide the greenery gratis. –CBS News

  • Pomp, noun. Ceremonial extravagance.

    Men and women in full military dress, large brass bands playing patriotic songs, and lots of flag-waving give a parade a respectable amount of pomp.

  • Anthropomorphic, adjective. Having human qualities or characteristics.

    Children’s TV shows often have anthropomorphic characters, such as Thomas the Tank Engine and Arthur.

  • Pernicious, adjective. Seriously harmful or deadly.

    A pernicious weed is a notorious criminal that, once established, becomes unusually invasive and won’t go away. —The Telegraph

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