Vocab Builder: Miscellaneous Entries

I couldn’t settle on a theme for this week, so today’s list contains words picked at random. Enjoy!

  • Substantiate, verb. To offer new evidence of something.

School district administrators recently found no proof to substantiate the latest parent allegation, which challenged the judging of theater auditions at Bak Middle School of the Arts. –SunSentinel.com

  • Ruddy, adjective. Healthy.

He was described as in his 40s with a very ruddy complexion, wearing dark sunglasses, a gray sweatshirt, and biker-style dark chaps over light-colored jeans. –The Monterey County Herald

  • Demagogue, noun. A leader who obtains popular approval by appealing to prejudices and making false promises.

It was also a period when Martelly seemed to have formed the almost megalomaniacal self-image that has many wondering if Haiti has picked a reliable democrat or a reckless demagogue to oversee the reconstruction of the western hemisphere’s poorest country. –Time

  • Sycophant, noun. Someone who tries please another for personal gain.

I know all you do is blame Dems and praise conservatives, but this is disingenuous, even for a sycophant like yourself. –Time

  • Persnickety, adjective. Picky, fussy.

A persnickety analysis of the eating and exercise habits of more than 1,500 young adults found moms and dads with kids 5 and younger exercised less than similar people without kids. –NPR

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