Vocab Builder: Spit-shine Your Vocabulary

With Memorial Day recently passed, we take a moment here to honor men and women who serve our country in a different way. We owe them a lot: freedom, safety, and even some words that have made it into common parlance. They may or may not have originated in the military, but we associated these terms with it.

  • Above my pay grade, idiom: refers to something that is the responsibility of someone of higher rank than the speaker.

Maybe today is a safe day to open a can of worms and weigh in on a topic that I suspect is above my pay grade, but so be it. –Pioneer Press

  • Joe, noun: coffee.

Here are some things that you should be reading whilst having your morning cup o’Joe! –Field Gulls

  • R&R, noun: rest and relaxation; vacation.

Rich will most likely receive two weeks of R and R during the next year to return home to his family in Alexandria. –Alexandria Echo Press

  • Spit-shine, verb: literally, to shine shoes by spitting on them and then polishing them. Figuratively, to clean quickly so that something looks good.

Personally go to each and every person affected’s doorstep and spit-shine their shoes? –CNET

  • Lollygag, verb: to dawdle; to move slowly or without purpose.

And it’s easy to lollygag over to the other side of the lake when you’re fishing, to be faced with a long, tiring kick back when its time to call it quits. –Lincoln Journal Star

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