Vocab Builder: Advertising New Words

Staying on top of new words can be tough in our digital age. Fortunately, there are lots of sites out there that can help you keep track. Paul McFedries’s Word Spy, which I featured last year, is one of them. The focus this week is on marketing terms because, really, you should know what you’re reading.

  • Edvertorial, noun: Writing meant to look like journalism that is really advertising.

“Edvertorial” as new perversion of journalism. … How bizarre is the so-called concept of “edvertorial” the group is promoting? –editorsweblog.org

  • Fictomercial, noun: Fiction in which a company pays to have its product mentioned.

One growing market for writers these days is the burgeoning fictomercial business. If you haven’t heard of the term, it’s what they’re calling a new genre of writing–an advertisement disguised as a piece of fictional entertainment. –EnglishSoftware.org

  • Ad creep, noun: The process of advertising slowly appearing in nontraditional spots, such as on floors.

And, especially when it begins to enter into schools, ad creep often results in parents protesting in defiance. –MarketingCrossing

  • Advergame, noun: an advertisement fashioned as a game.

Despite the appearance of ad breaks within advergames that notify children that the games are a form of advertising, children “fail to recognize” them as ads, found the survey conducted by professors Soontae An and Susannah Stern and reported in The New York Times. –BizReport

  • Pinkwashing, noun: The act of marketing a product, especially cancer-causing products, by supporting breast cancer research.

Some of these companies might have good intentions, but many are just “pinkwashing” – passing themselves off as crusaders in the fight against breast cancer while peddling dangerous or unhealthy products that can actually contribute to the disease. –Philly.com

  • Pop-up, noun: Online ads that open in a new browser window over the original browser window.

Instead of attempting to find an effective means of avoiding the pop-under, more and more Internet users are beginning to actively seek out the pop-unders as a legitimate form of entertainment. –iMedia Connection

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