Vocab Builder: Don’t Circumvent Study

We continue our look at some Latin prefixes with this week’s prefix circum-, which means “around.”

  • circumambulate, verb: to walk around something, especially ritualistically.

Beginning in Gorkha and ending in Pokhara, we will circumambulate the great Manaslu massif, crowned by its beautiful 26,510-foot namesake. —Sierra magazine

  • circumfluent, adjective: flowing around, as with a fluid.

And like a cloud of vapour or like waters circumfluent in space the liquid letters of speech, symbols of the element of mystery, flowed forth over the element of his brain. –James Joyce, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

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  • circumjacent, adjective: surrounding on all sides.

If the curiosities of the city have excited and kept up our attention and admiration in no ordinary degree, we may promise ourselves not less gratification in travelling over the circumjacent country. –Heinrich Friedrich von Storch, The Picture of Petersburg

  • circumlocution, noun: evasive or indirect speech.

The best back-handed praises he has received in the West have been limited to such epithets as clever, calm, intelligent, a champion of counterpunch and a master of circumlocution. —Journal of International Affairs

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