Get Help With the Writing Process

Getting your work written and into print can be a long, hard process. These articles can help you navigate the way.

Get Started

4 Ways Inspiration Helps You Beat Writer’s Block”: Use science to break your writer’s block. (Writer’s Digest)

Revise Your Work

How to Gain Perspective on Your Work”: It’s time to revise. Here’s how to go about it. (Writer’s Digest)

Prepare for Editing

11 Resources to Make Editing Your Novel Easier”: Whether you’re sending your manuscript to a professional editor or a publisher, self-editing can make the process smoother. Check out these resources. (Publetariat)

Get Readers’ Attention

4 Things to Do After Writing a Blog Post to Increase View”: You’ve put your work and creativity into your blog post. Now get it the attention it deserves. (

When Shouting Loudly Isn’t Enough”: Anyone and everyone is shouting about their book. Get readers’ attention by doing something different. (The Writer’s Guide to E-Publishing)

What kind of writing advice do you look for? Let me know in the comments section below.

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