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Vocab Elements and Online Language Effects

We spend a lot of time on this blog learning new words to improve our writing and expand our minds. I wanted to know more about the study of words and how the online world is affecting our language. This … Continue reading

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Writing Tip: Journaling

A brand-new journal, all clean and crisp, is such a weighty thing. It holds such possibilities for discovery, creativity, and the all-important record. What would our modern society be without a record of events? We spend so much of our … Continue reading

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Punctuation Points: The Direct Address Comma

Recently, this cartoon made the rounds of language mavens: The comma rule depicted here is simple: use a comma with the name of a person you are directly addressing. If the name comes first, it is followed by a comma: … Continue reading

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Grammar Bite: Compose vs. Comprise

Which of these sentences is correct? (Hint: more than one may be correct.) Three chapters and a glossary comprise the entirety of the book.Three chapters and a glossary compose the book.The book was comprised of three chapters and a glossary.The … Continue reading

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