The Writing Resource is language blog for writers and editors and anyone seriously interested in language. Grammar, usage, and other language lessons are short but thorough—because busy language professionals need to be able to use their tools well. In addition to language lessons, you’ll find book and resource reviews, tips on the writing process, and more.

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Having flirted with the freelance life since 2005, Erin finally divorced Corporate America in 2009 to raise her children single-handedly: Right Touch Editing, a four-year-old customizable editing service, and the newborn The Writing Resource, a blog offering quick lessons in language mechanics.

With a BA and an MA in English, Erin has been an editing professional for over 15 years and is sought after for her expertise in language mechanics. She works on a variety of media in all levels of editing, specializing in business publications and web content.

Erin is Editor of Copyediting.com, which includes managing and writing for the bimonthly Copyediting newsletter, writing for the Copyediting blog, planning and hosting monthly audio conferences, and speaking at events. Follow Copyediting on Twitter and Facebook.

In addition to working with clients, Erin teaches copyediting and social media for the University of California San Diego Extension School. Email Erin if you’d like her to coach your employees in writing or editing skills. She’ll customize a course to fit your needs.

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About Right Touch Editing

Founded in 2005, Right Touch Editing is a customizable editing service. We offer several editing levels and can coach you on what each level offers and what your needs might be. You can also customize the edit itself: we will follow your style to the letter, creating a project style sheet so you can easily see what kind of editorial decisions have been made—and easily change them if necessary.

Each project is different. That’s why we ask to see a sample of your copy before offering you a quote. We’ll edit your sample—for free—to get a feel for the project and for you to try out the service. You’ll receive a more accurate price and time quote and an idea of what an edit of your project will look like. If Right Touch Editing isn’t for you, keep the edited sample. We’ll even help you find a more suitable editor.

It’s your project. Why not get it edited your way? Contact us today with your project needs.